Type of yak?

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    Type of yak? Empty Type of yak?

    Post by Neil Ingram on 3/2/2015, 9:04 am

    Where do you think that you are going and how long will you stay out? One reason we try demo day at Pocahonas is that often we are uncomfortable about buying something expensive if we don't know if we will like it or use it. Big is hard to handle and hard to carry. Also, you know its a lot slower. First, big is generally faster than smaller. Smaller you can zip around easier but, you will also carry much less. Big can carry change of clothes (wonderful if you get wet or cold), big carries FOOD and drink better, big sits much better longer. Big carries tent, sleeping bag, and cooking goodies. Smaller fits on top of car better and is more affordable. I had a 9'8" and at the end of 3 hours I didn't get out, I fell out. Hard on the lower back. I bought a $150 seat which was great and now I could go 4-5 hours and could actually get out at the end. New big boy with an adjustable seat and I can go 10-? hours and jump out at the end. Big is much more stable. Very big deal if you want to handle waves or big boats flying by that could care less about a kayak. Lots to think about. By the way you can buy used and get a biggie for a much smaller price.

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